Financial Products

Whether you are planning for retirement, to fund a college education, or you want to speculate or trade your account, Fordham Financial Management offers investors a wide range of financial products to meet your financial and strategic objectives. For the sophisticated, accredited investor we also provide access to proprietary investment opportunities, such as private placements of debt and equity securities. Each investor’s goals are unique.


Our Registered Representatives have the information and experience to direct clients toward appropriate investment decisions. Even in declining equity markets, we strive to find investments that rise above and outperform the rest.
(Higher-risk methods of investment are not suitable for every investor.)

  • Listed
  • OTC
  • Options


With a focus on value and special situations, fixed-income instruments and asset-backed securities are generally viewed as offering yield without a commensurate increase in risk. Investors looking for more diversification to balance the risk in a portfolio might consider fixed-income instruments.

  • Treasuries
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Asset-Backed Securities

Mutual Funds

  • Tax-Free Funds
  • Diversified Funds
  • Foreign Funds
  • Government Bond Funds
  • Index Funds

Private Placements

(for qualified, accredited investors only)

  • Debt Securities
  • Equity Securities
  • Convertible Preferred

New investors may join this private network by qualifying pursuant to certain definitions as promulgated under Regulation D. To review investor qualifications and register, please click here.