Trading Services

Fordham Financial Management’s trading division is dedicated to providing superior trading services.  The Firm’s professionals utilize trading strategies to meet the day-to-day needs of our investor clientele, as well as specialized strategies for those seeking more sophisticated options and equity-option trades.  We offer expeditious, quality execution at the best price reasonably available.  We buy and sell securities on all major and most minor exchanges, and our network of industry contacts provides us with a distinct competitive advantage in completing large or strategic trades.

Our clientele consists of banks and hedge funds based in North America and Europe, investing in event-driven, corporate actions, risk arbitrage strategies, and investment banking deals.  Our desk analyzes  publicly announced mergers and acquisitions involving listed companies.  Based on fundamental research, competition, antitrust and other regulatory reviews, the desk will determine the relative risk/reward proposition of the deal and the potential annualized rate of return to advise its clients and trade the embedded spread.

Our specialized trading services include:

  • Quality executions
  • Best executions under NASDAQ order handling rules for thinly-traded securities
  • Risk arbitrage analysis and actionable trade ideas
  • Specialized execution of sensitive and large orders, spreads, rations and proprietary algorithms
  • Low-cost execution for block trades
  • Wide array of trading relationships
  • Market making capabilities
  • Electronic access to all major markets